Shahila Johan and her Dreams!

22 Jun

Shahila feels honoured to be in Dreamgirls. Who wouldn’t?! It’s “the most famous musical of all time” according to Shahila, who also said that she knows people from around Asia who wanted to be part of this production but could not! Shahila, you are lucky and blssed, aren’t you?

Shahila will be part of the ensemble, and in fact, you should watch out for when the Stepp Sisters come out – that’s where you’ll see Shahila grooving and singing with attitude! Shahila told us that she is trying to find the ‘inner black-ness’ in her, and she wants to do it as best as she can.

We are lucky to have Shahila with us in this production. She started singing at a very young age, and has been with the Young KL Singers and studied at ASK from 2004-2007 with Syafinaz Selamat. Many of you have probably even seen her in productions like ‘Broadway Parodies Lagi Lah’, ‘DanSing thru Broadway’, ‘Kaki Blue the Musical’, and ‘Mamak Mee-ah!’.

When we asked Shahila what her favourite scene in Dreamgirls is, she explained that she loves it when C.C. sings ‘Family’ to Effie White. Truly that scene is a heart-warming scene that every one in the audience should look out for. It’s the best part of the first act!

Shahila, generally a shy person, has learned to be more open and easy going after joining Broadway Academy’s production of Dreamgirls. Amazingly, the people in this production are one crazy bunch, and it’s inspiring to see them bond so well.

What does this young lady want to do after Dreamgirls? With a smile, she answers: “BE IN MORE MUSICALS WITH BROADWAY ACADEMY SO I DON’T STOP SINGING!”. Then she adds cheekily…. “and perform on Broadway maybe?”

Well, Shahila, we do hope to see you on broadway one day!


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