Shazroul’s limit is beyond the sky!

4 Jul

Shazroul says he was destined to be in Dreamgirls. It’s his all time favorite musical; even before the audition, he knew all the songs by heart. So he would have been a complete fool if he had not taken the opportunity and audition for Broadway Academy’s Dreamgirls.

Shazroul was one of the finalists in AF4 (Akademi Fantasia), so music is no stranger to him at all. He is a full-time performer, and has been entertaining audiences and crowds for many years already. What not many people know is that he is passionate about classical music.

Being a performer in Malaysia, Shazroul relates himself to the story of ‘Dreamgirls’ – having to suffer and strive in order to achieve your goals and passions in life. And because of that, the lyrics of the songs in Dreamgirls are extra meaningful to him, as it reflects a lot of how he feels internally.

Shazroul is happy to be part of Dreamgirls, and that’s a fact! He smiles all the time at rehearsals, exccept, of course, when he is given new dance moves to follow. Shazroul admits he is new to musical theatre, but being part of this group has made him feel like he belongs to a family that appreciates both his strengths and weaknesses. Essentially, he is doing what he loves most: entertaining people through performing arts.

It seems like even though this production is challenging for Shazroul, he still plans to continue being in more productions, with the hopes to gain more exposure in dancing, singing, and acting. In a way, perhaps, musical thatre is very therapuetic and addictive? 🙂

Shazroul had his big break in 2008 when he managed to raise enough funds to cut his first solo album. Still, he admits, it’s tough being in this industry in Malaysia. But like the Dreamgirls, the sky’s the limit.

We’ll be seeing Shazroul playing multiple roles in Dreamgirls. Keep an eye (or two!) for him, especially when he sings that extremely high note!


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