“It’s All Over”

10 Aug

Yes, it’s all over, for now at least.

Dreamgirls ended with a celebration – fireworks, confetti, and loud cheers from all the cast, crew, and people in the audience. It was a production that many will remember, simply because of the excellent and moving storyline and songs that made this musical so touching and meaningful to many people.

We received great reviews from the media, and we would like to thank the members of the press for being so supportive and encouraging, especially for sharing Broadway Academy’s goals and visions with the entire nation.

The production was well received, and we are happy that until today, many people still talk about their experience while watching Dreamgirls at Istana Budaya. All our special guests and VIPs enjoyed the show and had nothing but praises for the amazing talents that were on stage. The performers did an amazing job, keeping their spirits high for every single show, regardless of their fatigue and nerves. The cast and musicians, together with the entire production team, made the show extremely special, just by sharing their passion on stage with everyone.

The audience certainly enjoyed themselves too, especially since we also had Nescafe Gold serving everyone free cups of coffee at Istana Budaya. The aroma welcomed our guests, and it made the mingling easier for everyone before entering the concert hall. We would like to thank everyone who came to watch Dreamgirls. We had a standing ovation during every show, and that was great motivation for everyone.

Always remember, that Dreams do come true.


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