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Meet Benjamin

9 May

We’re sure you’re eager to know who’ll be on stage when you come to watch Dreamgirls. And we’re delighted to introduce you to some of the cast members through this blog.

Meet Benjamin Lin, a member of the ensemble for Dreamgirls. You’ll be seeing him quite a lot, playing multiple roles.

Benjamin is a hardcore fan of musical theater, and merely went to the Dreamgirls audition “for fun”! Little did he know that it would change his life for the better. And when we say it changed his life, we mean it literally.

Benjamin quit his job to be in Dreamgirls, and to pursue his dream of being in musicals and shows. A former Corporate Communications Exec at Bentley Music Sdn Bhd, Benjamin is now discovering his true musical talents after many years of singing in church and college gigs.

Benjamin aims to grow with Broadway Academy, so we can expect to see him in more productions in the next few years, or perhaps even longer!

What does Benjamin like about Dreamgirls? Well, he loves the part when Effie sings “I Am Changing”. To Benjamin, that scene is like watching a lion helpessly drowning and calling out for help.

Remember to spot Benjamin on stage, playing several roles in different costumes. And have fun while you’re at it!

Benjamin being interviewed by Dominic after a promotional event at The Curve.



7 May

Dafi being interviewed by Dominic after a promotional show held at The Curve¬† on 6th May 2011. What’s his biggest challenge thus far? Learning to have the African American groove!

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